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What’s the Fox Fiber

The fox fiber is one of the rarest natural animal fibers ,whose fiber is fine, smooth, soft, warm and so on. What’s more, the fox fiber has the characteristics of cashmere, rabbit and camel hair. A few scales on the surface of the fibers increase the cohesive force without causing itching feeling and shrinkage. The fox feeds on meat, with the excellent farming condition, which causes that its skin feel like human. So the fox fiber is more skin-friendly and comfortable compared with other natural animal fibers.

Consinee Group has developed three new fox fiber yarn in 2020-2021AW, I will introduce three new fox fiber yarn as follow:

DARWIN Nm 2/16 50% Mer.Wool 40% fox 10% nylon yarn

DARWIN combines the softness of merino wool with the finesse of fox, which casing the surface of the fabric is rich in suede, comfortable and warm.

VIXEN Nm 2/16 70% fox 20% Mer. Wool 10% silk yarn

VIXEN combines the characteristic of DARWIN, which making the panel knitting feels softer .

ARCTIC Nm 2/20 40% fox 30% Mer. Wool 28% thermolite 2% nylon yarn

What’s the thermolite? DuPont Company of America imitates the feature of polar bearand develops the thermolite, a hollow fiber, with excellent thermal performance. The thermolite fiber contains more air than any other common fiber. What’s more, it forms a protective layer of air which can both prevent air from entering and remove moisture. The customer who wears the thermolite will feel warm, dry, comfortable and light.