the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Mercerized Wool

Wool is a natural animal fiber, Australian Merino wool is the most soft and delicate fiber. Mercerizing is actually the name of the process. Mercerized wool refers to the mercerized process through the Merino super-fine wool.

Mercerized Wool

Mercerizing is stripping the surface of wool of the mercerizing process, commonly known as mercerized wool. The main features are anti-shrink, machine washable, anti-pilling. The wool fabric treated with this process has a cashmere feel and a silk-like luster. There is pure Mercerized Wool and Mercerized Wool and cashmere blended yarn.

Consinee mainly launched mercerized wool products as the following:

NM3 / 68 100% mercerized wool (110'S) worsted, suitable for 14/16 gauge, 1 color stock, support customer color service, features: ultra-fine Merino mercerized wool wear and no tingling, wool wear experience, super comfortable, soft, anti-pilling, anti-shrink.

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