the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Fancy Cashmere Yarn

    In the autumn and winter cashmere products widely welcomed by everyone. Cashmere sweater scarves are indispensable in the wardrobe. Cashmere clothing yarn used in addition to the conventional flat yarn, there are fancy yarn, such as loop yarn, tape yarn, brushed yarn, slub yarn and so on. Now for everyone to introduce Consinee cashmere fancy yarn, for everyone's winter to bring a different experience.

Cashmere loop yarn

Corresponding yarn: Chakra, Uma

Yarn style: circle type meticulous without publicity, the circle is tight and flexible, has a unique two-color effect, so that the circle-rich three-dimensional

Suitable for products: scarves, sweaters and other casual clothing

Cashmere tap yarn

Corresponding yarn: Pasha

Yarn style: feel smooth waxy, smooth yarn, fine texture, bright colors

Suitable for: knitted jackets

Cashmere brushed yarn

Corresponding yarn: Nimus

Yarn style: feel soft and soft, hair feeling foot, good resilience, good warmth effect

Suitable for products: jackets, sweaters, shawls

Cashmere slub yarn

Corresponding yarn: Dharma

Yarn style: soft and silky, slender bamboo slips designed to make the fabric exquisitely

Suitable for products: close spring and summer clothing, fashion jacket