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Precious mohair

Mohair is a kind of precious natural fibre which is only less luxury than cashmere. When refer to mohair, people will think about luxury. Most so-called mohair products in market is fake mohair made from synthetic fibre, some people even take fluffy acrylic as mohair. A real mohair knitwear can be sold over 800us$. Consinee Group- Top Line supply best mohair yarn made from South Africa mohair material.

Mohair is hair of angora goat, which is name after the transliteration of mohair. Angora goat could not be raised in pens nor in grassland, it only live in mountain and shrubland. So it need 20 times living area more than normal sheep.

The output of mohair is rare because of the curial living environment. And because only hair produce by angora goat no more than 8 year old can be up to the textile standard and tha goat can only sheared one time each year.  One goat can only produce 2 to 2.5kg hair.  The output of mohair is decreasing each year. in 1980 the output is 16200 tons  but in 2015 it is only 5000 tons. That is why mohair is so rare and precious.

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