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The Composition of Mohair

    Mohair is a heterogeneous hair, mixed witha certain number of myelinated and dead hair. Myeloid content is related to feel. The content of myelinated hair and the number of related, better sheep produced by the content of myelinated hair is not more than 1%, while the poor sheep produced by the amount of hair content of more than 20%. So with themohair, the quality difference is very large.

    Mohair shape and long hair shape similar to the fiber length of 120-150 mm, fineness range of 10-90 microns, the washing rate is generally 75% -85%. Surface scales less, are half of fine wool, low degree of overlap, the surface smooth and straight, cross-section was round. Mohair hair high strength, good wear resistance, elastic, luster strong, easy to felt shrink, easy to wash. Mohair hair light, fluffy, is a high-grade wool products of raw materials, mainly for plush, along the coat it, jacquard blankets and some high-gloss wool fabric and knitted wool.

    As the Angolan goat is not yet fully realized captivity, can only grow in the hilly shrubs, and only before the age of eight wool can be achieved in the textile standards, so Mahair is still high-grade textile raw materials, the world's annual production, but 26,000 Ton or so. At present the world's main production of mohair are: Australia, South Africa, the United States, Turkey, Argentina, Lesotho and so on.