the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Mohair is the most popular element this year

Whenrefer to natural material sweater, people favor mohair in additional ofcashmere. As one kind of high end natural fibre, mohair is brilliant in color,easy to care , not likely to pill and fluffy in appearance. Mohair can providegirl super sense of safety and warm.

Mohairbecomes popular again in this winter fashion world. Because mohair is easy todye the clothes made from mohair is brilliant and full in color. Mohair fibreis naturally lustrous so it is loved by girls who love fashion. Mohair can endowclothes with gentile and fashionable feel. Besides solid color, the contrast ofcolor can also bring about fabulous effect. Of course the contrast of color canonly based on same color gradation and saturability.

Stripecolor sweater made from mohair yarn is loved by many stars. The joint of basic colorand bright color can neutralize the lively colors. It is suitable for peoplewith different complexion.