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Why pay attention to the market trend of mohair yarn

As for now, people are eager to more powerful social organization and more happy pursuit. The lower level of structured fashion revival is coming, the fashion from the various constraints in the liberation. Advocating the concept of green environmentalism led to a wave of natural fashion, people on the pursuit of pure natural and respected, making a variety of animal fibers and fabric fibers have returned to the popular tip. Especially the precious rare mohair in fashion and design Once again established the dominant position.

Today, Top-line upholds the classic Mohair textile tradition, this precious high-grade fiber in depth to China and the world market. Compared with Europe, Chinese understanding and application of mohair relatively late and there are some errors, so mohair in Chinese market promotion and development is also very slow and difficult. The late 80s of the last century to the early 90s, mohair swept all over China, the kind of long plush, looks very fluffy sweater, was the people at that time is the most popular fabric. In fact, when the popular mohair mostly made of a special acrylic line made of "artificial horse haircut". And now Top-line is committed to the promotion of the real mohair - produced from South Africa's Angola goat's hair. This mohair is pure natural animal fiber. The surface is smooth, straight and straight, with silk-like luster. It is very comfortable, warm and good, feel smooth, with excellent resilience and high wear resistance.

Top-line used in all the horses is imported from South Africa, grade from the ultra-young horse hair, young horse hair to adult mohair. Variety of types, but also to meet different market needs. Top-line research and development of Mohair blossom yarn diversity, embodies the creativity of Italy and the trend of the sensitivity of the trend. And particularly important is that such yarns fully meet the creative needs of fashion designers. Mohair can cater to all kinds of fashion ideas, perspective, light, and soft, smooth, fluffy, down cashmere, imitation fur, etc. For needle from hand to high knitting, the range is very wide. Because Mohair can reflect a variety of popular style, regardless of high-end elegant clothing or personalized fashion, it is the most popular yarn material.

At present, the domestic general mill production Mohair wool yarn is mainly coarse. And Mohair content is less. The level of raw materials used is also low. Feel rougher. And Top-line production of Mohair wool yarn to more high-based, basically with a higher level of young horse hair, there are some varieties and even the use of ultra-young horse hair, the proportion can reach 50% or even higher. High-caliber mohair wool yarn surface of the hair is not strong, no rough bristles and dead hair, but soft and delicate fluff, soft to the touch, not only light and warm, very suitable for autumn and winter personal clothing. This kind of yarn has become very rare for the quality and fineness of raw materials and the Chinese factories of such yarns. Top-line is one of the most, the continuous development and production of various high-quality Mohair fine cashmere yarn, because Top-line adhere to the use of the top of the South African original horseshoe, and the use of Italian imports of spinning equipment, but also adhering to the Italian spinning process, These advantages are unmatched by other Chinese factories. In addition, the use of mohair with mulberry-like luster characteristics. Top-line produced by Mohair yarn in the color is unique. We use a variety of popular colors to match each other, for these Mohair yarn from the warm color to the cool colors are to create a rich and beautiful colors, get rid of the traditional autumn and winter dull single color, for the cold winter added a vivid the vitality.

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