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Yak Sweater or Wool Sweater, Which One Keeps Warmer?

Wool Sweater refers to wool knitting sweater, which is generally the meaning of ordinary people agree. And in fact "sweater" has now become a synonym for a class of products. That is used to refer to "knitted sweater" or "Wool knitwear". Wool knitwear refers mainly to the use of wool, cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fiber as the main raw material spun into the fabric after the fabric, such as cashmere sweater, raccoon sweater, wool sweater, so this a big family.

Sheep wool is as raw material of wool sweater. It is the most popular knitted sweaters, the needle clear, shirt surface smooth, fat bare feet, bright color, feel full of full flexibility. Sweater more durable, affordable.

Sweater can be divided into worsted sweaters and woolen sweaters, worsted sweaters in the choice of materials, processing technology to be more refined. So the performance and taking more high-end, the price is higher than the woolen products.

Cashmere sweater, cashmere as raw materials, is the best. It is light, warm, and beautiful. It feels smoothly, comfortable and soft to wear. As cashmere fiber is short, easy to play the ball, durable than ordinary sweater. While the cashmere scarce resources, so the cashmere sweater price is expensive.

Yak sweater, the use of Tibetan plateau yak material as raw material, its style is much less than the cashmere sweater, feel smooth and delicate. Not easy to play the ball and the price are much lower than the cashmere sweater, but the colors are less to choose, usually used for men.