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Mohair and wool, which one is better?

Mohair refers to the hair of the Angolan goat, also known as the Angolan goat hair. That is very strong glossy long wool

Therefore, mohair is another name of wool, just a good variety of wool only. And we usually say that the wool, both goat hair, but also wool, as well as cashmere, etc. It is a general concept. Mohair is included in the concept of wool.

General wool has a flake organization, which is the cause of wool easily shrink, shrink felting reasons. And mohair scales flat close to the hair dry, rarely overlap, so the fiber surface is smooth, with natural shiny color, silk-like luster. So wool is not easy to shrink, good elasticity, no felting, no pilling. And easy to clean, wool is one of the advanced animal textile fiber raw materials in the world market.

Therefore, compared with ordinary wool, mohair is certainly much better. However, it is essentially wool!