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How to buy more fashionable cashmere?

In the mind of most people, cashmere knitwear is high quality classic clothes. It is so soft, light, warm, and fine that you can wear it next to skin. People love cashmere because it makes your body relaxable like a comfortable spa.

But also some people complain that cashmere knitwear is normally of basic style and old fashioned design. it seems that all the cashmere sweater looks alike.

Is it always true? Of course not, because we have fancy style cashmere yarrn. If you want to produce cashmere sweater with fabulous and fancy style you can choose Top Line fancy cashmere yarn.

1.Brushed style cashmere yarn- Romantic, relaxable and energetic

Top Line have brush style cashmere yarn, such as CASHFELT: Nm8 80%Cashmere 18%Polyamide Fiber 2%Elastan- 7 gauge suggested, this yarn is brush style with felt effect. The fabric is full, soft and tight. It can be used both for sweater or coat..

Another one, NIMBUS: Nm5.8 100%Cashmere, it is one thick 5 gauge yarn, fluffy and full surface, and give people warm and relaxable feel.

2.Boucle style cashmere yarn- cute and young

Top Line promote a series of boucle style cashmere yarn. They are also popular in market. Big boucle yarn: CHAKRA: Nm2.5 100%Cashmere- 3gauge suggest; small boucle yarn: CHERIE: Nm3.8 80%Cashmere 20%Polyamide Fiber- 3 gauge suggested. UMA: Nm2 100%Cashmere- 3gauge suggested. You can see the style from below picture.

3.Other fancy style- slub yarn, lily yarn, hollow style yarn

Top Line also have other pretty cashmere yarn in fancy style, for more info you can leave us message or consult with online service.