the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Why We Use Merino Wool not Domestic Wool?

    Many customers feel Consinee wool products are too expensive, and compared to the market price of wool, Consinee wool or high-end products. From the source of raw materials, Consinee wool is Merino wool from Australia, feel smooth and delicate. The market is basically Basolan wool, produced in the domestic. Fineness from the said, Consinee wool fineness is 17.5 microns below the market most of the wool is about 25 microns. So the price gap is large.


    In Australia, fine wool refers to the fiber diameter of 19.6 to 20.5 microns Merino wool,ultra-fine wool is 19.5 microns below. However, Chinese definition of fine hair is 25 microns below. Fine hair is mainly used for clothing, while coarse hair for furniture and carpets.

    China is the world's largest sheep producing countries, a total of 150 million head. China is the world's third largest producer of wool. Chinese-made wool is characterized by relatively short and short. China produces 160,000 tons of wool per year, of which 120,000 tons are fine wool for Chinese standards. However, only one inten, about 40,000 tons can be called Merino wool.

    Australia is theworld's second largest sheep producer, the total number of just over 100million. Australia is the world's largest wool producer. Australia's wool is characterized by a relatively slender, this wool is produced from Merino sheep.Australia produces 350,000 tonnes of wool per year, of which 91% of wool areless than 25 microns in diameter. Australia exports 180,000 tons of wool to China each year, of which 85% is below 23 microns.