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It Is Suitable Season to Wear Cashmere and Hug with 20℃

Spring has returned its real way. The temperature back to 20 degrees Celsius and it’s suitable for a single cashmere and hug. Can we just wear cashmere in winter? It is time to have correct understanding. In fact, cashmere is the most suitable for spring season.

I am not a cashmere designer, but definitely a cashmere lover. I like to get a few cashmere styles, then find a knit shop to do the store. It’s said store cashmere, is hoarding a sense of security. Wear comfortable, and will become peace of mind, especially cashmere close to wear, that soft texture like baby's skin, soft glutinous waxy layer of wear on the body, happiness bursting.

In spring, about 20 degrees of temperature, it is the best season to wear cashmere fabrics. In summer many famous brands produce the fabric of silk and cashmere blended. In the final analysis, after wearing cashmere the skin is really hard to adapt to other fabrics.

Recommend a cost-effective products; NM2 / 48 85% silk 15% cashmere semi-worsted, this yarn 28-color spot yarn, support 1KG from the set.

Blowing no cold willow wind, and spring cashmere is refreshing, like a burst of breeze. Cashmere fiber is very light, very transparent, so in order to achieve light, clear effect, a lot of cashmere fabric is very suitable for spring dress.