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Spring and summer materials recommended for knitting industry - fine cotton

Recently, many people are lamenting: spring is really coming! Open the weather report, although sometimes sunny and rainy, but the temperature will no longer like a roller coaster. Look at the picture.

Medium Cotton is relative Long-staple cotton and coarse cotton and it belongs to upland cotton cultivars, Originating in Upland and Caribbean islands of southern central Mexico, also called plateau cotton. Its advantage lies in the cotton fiber is superior. This kind of cotton has certain resistance to disease and insect characteristic. Consinee selects fine cotton as raw material, and the fiber is length and high strength, high flexibility. What’s more, the fiber color is soft. It is the guarantee of high quality yarn. We introduce it into the spinning process, which greatly improves the yarn quality and performance.

Recommend several popular summer and spring products series.      

No.1 BRIGHTON Nm2/48 85% cotton 15% cashmere semi-worsted 28 color spot                                                

Consinee cotton blended products is using semi-worsted producing, after combing sliver, then spinning. This product is suitable for 14/16 needle equipment.

No.2 BLAKENEY NM2/36 95% cotton 5% cashmere (machine washable)semi-worsted 16 colors spot,

Cotton cashmere blended yarn is popular in the market because of good quality and economical price. Cotton is the spring and summer quarter of the commonly used raw materials. This product is suitable for 12/14 needle equipment.

No.3 PADSTOW NM2/48 60%cotton20%viscose15%nylon5%cashmere semi-worsted 28colors spot

Besides the combination of cotton and cashmere, Consinee will try to cotton nylon and viscose blended, which greatly increased the strength of the yarn. This product is suitable for 14/16 needle equipment

No.4 LEWES NM2/48 70%cotton20%silk10%cashmere semi-worsted 20colors spot

Consinee cotton silk cashmere blended yarn has been a major brand as the classic varieties of underwear series, as good comfort, moderate price, many customers. This product is suitable for 14/16 needle equipment

No.5 ANYA NM1/26 65%cotton25%Cupro10%Extrafine Merino Wool worsted 20 color spot

The characteristics of copper ammonia fiber and silk are very similar. The only difference is that silk is a natural fiber, and copper ammonia fiber is high-grade chemical fiber which has excellent moisture permeability and suitable for spring and summer as raw materials. It due to high cost often favored factories. This product is suitable for 14/16 needle equipment.

Most of Consinee products are suitable for woven equipment and circular machine equipment, and hope this article can give you a hand.