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Why people love silk yarn in Spring Summer?

Silk series is one of the most important product in Consinee spring summer yarn collection. Why people like silk yarn in spring summer? Let’s learn the features and advantages of silk.

The silk is the lightest, softest and finest natural fibre in the nature, easy to resume to its original shape when external force is removed. The mulberry silk is mainly consisted of protein fibre, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids that can promote the vitality of the surface skin cells, prevent hardening of the arteries, prevent special effect of relieving itching on some skin diseases and have certain health care effect on arthritis, periarthrist humweroscapularis and asthma.

1.The silk is a kind of protein fiber, contains sericin and silk fibroin, which is formed by 18 kinds of amino acids accoring to different proportions and special combinations with sericin outward and silk fibroin inward, closely connected with one another. The structure of the sericin is loose, tough to feel, so it is necessary to be degummed; while the structure of the silk fibron is tight, with gentile lustre and beautiful pearly luster.

2.It is soft, smmoth, chunky, and fluffy with outstanding elastiicty.

3.It is with good moisture absorption and air permeability and feature of health care on the skin. Since silk is a kind of protein fiber, the silk carpet wovon by the raw material of mulberry silk is provided with advantageous absorption of ultraviolet radiation. The silk is a kind of multiporour fibre, therefore it has the performance if heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability, and has the protective effective on the skin.

Silk yarn is widely loved by many world top fashion brands and designers. Consinee promote 100% spun silk yarn and silk blend yarn in 18 SS season. Silk cashmere yarn combines the softness of cashmere and lustre and smoothness of silk, very suitable for high end knitwear. We have below a series of silk yarn and cashmere silk yarn, all is in stock service with min order 1kg/color. It is easy to try sample order.

2/60 85%Silk15%Cashmere(Worsted)- 28colors

2/48 55%Silk45%Cashmere(Worsted)- 9colors

2/48 85%Silk15%Cashmere (Semi-worsted)- 28colors

2/52 70%Silk20%Mercerized Wool10%Cashmere(Semi-worsted)- 28colors

2/48 70%Cotton20%Silk10%Cashmere (Semi-worsted)- 16colors

2/120 2/60 100% spun silk (worsted)