the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Recommended of Knitting Industry for spring and summer

The twent-yninth international yarn trends has been successfullycompleted, and below to sum up the knitting industry for spring and summermaterials which is the best useful? And which is the most suitable for high-endclothing?

Recommended three paragraphs.

No.1 Worsted wool and cashmere.

Just out of the winter, the body still need to warm caress. ConsineeMerino mercerized wool and cashmere wool make perfect fusion, after shrink prooftreatment, to avoid the embarrassment of little more wash more clothes.

No.2 Silk and cashmere blended.

Mulberry silk has been sought after by people since ancienttimes. Silk is a natural animal protein fiber. And silk weaving is the main rawmaterial, smooth and soft, rich luster, and a warm feeling, Consinee silk andcashmere blended yarn with 5A Grade quality, rich luster and soft, that makesthe garment is welcome.

No.3 Linen and cashmere blended.

Linen is a high-grade material in the world which is recognizedas the most suitable for summer. It is a pure natural flax fiber, known as the"natural air conditioning", with sweat absorption, good permeability,and anti ultraviolet radiation. Its permeability is excellent, and can quicklyand effectively reduce the skin surface temperature of 4-8 DEG C and more andmore widely used. Linen feels hard, however, the cashmere is soft. When thecombination of linen and cashmere, the characteristics seems neutralize.

The above three models using fiber materials can be said to be acombination between royal and royal. Cashmere is "king of fiber". Ifthe silk is "fiber Queen", that linen is "fiber flaxPrincess". This three kinds of materials are textile industry darling. Consineeis continuous pursuit of excellence at the same time, with the yarn in the mostfashionable gesture to show.