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CONSINEE | Natural Botanica Cashmere

23/24AW New upgrade, sustainable fashion. Explore more exciting story.

After PITTI FILATI Italy fair grand closing, Consinee Group held another exhibition in London, a symbol of the classical royal family -- Consinee Autumn and Winter Exhibition.

Botanica Cashmere series uses certified traceable cashmere

fibres to provide consumers with sustainable luxury yarns.

With sustainable development and environmental protection as our core values and objectives, Consinee is committed to reducing environmental damage without affecting the quality of any luxury fiber yarn.

In 2023/24 autumn and winter, Consinee Group creates a new line of Botanica Cashmere series , opening a new era of mass production in the field of plant dyeing.

NATURA  100%CrownCashmere

Natura colours have been created using a blend of various vegetal origins without the use of chemicals at any stage of the process. Our Botanica Cashmere range is dyed using only our certified traceable pure cashmere to offer you the ultimate in sustainable luxury yarns.  Natura is kinder to your skin as well as the environment, offering luxury that does not have to cost the planet and helping to preserve it for future generations to come.

As with all things in nature there is an element of change and slight variation in vegetal dyeing that means colour consistency between dye lots cannot be 100% guaranteed, with fastness also not quite as reliable as you would expect from a chemical dye process. However these variations are part of the natural charm and beauty that is a necessary characteristic, which is understood and accepted today in order to be part of a sustainable circular process.