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Topline Mohair Yarn

The pursuit ofGreen”,“naturalandenvironment friendlyconcept pushes a natural and fashionable trend and various animal and plant fibers once again pioneer in the trend, in particular the precious and rare mohair establishes its leading role in fashion and design.

Derived from Arabic,"Mohair" means silk- like fabric or yarn from the hair of goat,and later became the proper name of Angora goat mohair.Its fiber surface is smooth and like silk to

touch, and such fiber glittering. Being light in weight, the fibers are loose, soft, fast and durable; and they do not felting and pilling; and wit high strength,they have good resilience and high wear resistance performance; and being absorbent and dirt resistant, they can be easily washed.


ULANI, TOPLINE 23AW new arrival, is a hot sale new product , being a blend of top quality super kid mohair and wool. Inspired by elements of tiger stripes in nature, the collision of advanced primitive aesthetics and bionics brings wild charm.


Superfine mohair has a light woven texture that creates a soft, skin-friendly touch.Waltz is strictly selected from South Africa 24.5um super kid mohair yarn, woven into the novel fancy brushed yarn,being light,soft and lustrous. Topline also developed the melange super kid mohair yarn to satisfy customer requirements.