the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee antibacterial cashmere yarn

With the rapid increase in the market and consumer demand for antibacterial products,
the research of antibacterial textiles has become one of the trends in the healthy
development of human society today. As the leader in the cashmere industry,
Consinee Group keeps an eye on market developments and stands at the forefront of
the industry. With the help of the scientific research achievements of the university
academician team and on the basis of the professional production and development
technology of cashmere yarn for many years, Consinee Group has developed
cashmere antibacterial treatment technology with independent intellectual property,
thus becoming the pioneer of successfully launching antibacterial cashmere in the
The research and development team of Consinee Group have purified the natural
plants with antibacterial function and applied microcapsule herb nanocomposite
technology to conduct antibacterial treatment on natural fibers such as cashmere, wool
and cotton etc. This new treatment technology equips the natural fibers yarn with
excellent antibacterial function. Besides, it is safe, efficient and washable. Moreover,
it not only keeps the fabric clean, but also prevents bacteria from regenerating and
multiplying for a long time. After testing, this antibacterial cashmere can maintain
good antibacterial properties after dozens of times of home washings. In addition,
Consinee antibacterial cashmere is friendly to sensitive skin and wouldn’t cause skin
irritation. Therefore it can be widely used in various fabrics.
Antibacterial cashmere products play a key role in preventing the growth of bacteria,
reducing skin infections and eliminating smells, providing a guarantee of a healthy
life. During the COVID-19 time, it created more possibilities for the high-end
cashmere market and met customers' functional pursuit of high-end cashmere
1. What’s Consinee antibacterial cashmere yarn?
The research and development team of Consinee Group, based on many years of
focus on and research for antibacterial products, have purified the natural plants with
antibacterial function and applied microcapsule herb nanocomposite technology to
conduct antibacterial treatment on natural fibers such as cashmere, wool and cotton
etc. This technology equips the antibacterial cashmere, wool and cotton and other

yarns with excellent antibacterial function which includes mainly 3 categories.

1.1 The first category
This product is derived from natural wood, it has extraordinary and long-lasting
antibacterial function. According to the test, it still maintains excellent antibacterial
properties after dozens of times of washing, and the antibacterial properties are higher
than the standard. The antibacterial rate of Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 97.8%
6(standard value ≥80%), the antibacterial rate of E. coli is 95% (standard value ≥70%),
and the antibacterial rate of Candida albicans is 91.4% (standard value ≥60%)

1.2 The second category
This product can kill bacteria, eliminate smells, and can also permanently inhibit the
growth of bacteria in fabrics in any environment, prevent their regenerating and
extend the durability of clothes. At the same time, the effectiveness will not be
reduced or destroyed under the environment of chemicals and high temperature.
In addition, Consinee antibacterial cashmere has almost no dye restrictions, and the
fabric can be dyed according to conventional methods, which would not affect the
handfeel of fabric.
1.3 The third category
It has antibacterial and deodorant dual-effect functions. Antibacterial cashmere can
quickly reduce the unpleasant smell on the clothes caused by bacterial growth and
altered protein. Experiments have shown that antibacterial cashmere can remove 99.9%
of the bacteria exposed to the surface within an hour (most other antibacterial
products still cannot achieve the same effect after 48 hours of testing).
72 . The features and functions of Consinee antibacterial cashmere
2.1 Extraordinary antibacterial functional cashmere
Consinee antibacterial cashmere not only protects the wearer’s health from bacteria
infection, but also blocks the spread of pathogenic bacteria, inhibits the regenerating
of bacteria on cashmere products. Thereby ensure the wearer’s health and wearing
comfort, reducing the cross-infection rate in the public environment.
2.2 Long-lasting antibacterial and good washing resistance
The natural antibacterial yarns developed by our company have high safety, good
washing resistance & friction resistance and other excellent features. After testing, the
antibacterial cashmere yarn fabric developed by our company can be washed for
dozens of times and still maintain good antibacterial properties.
Moreover, Consinee's antibacterial cashmere has good durability, and the properties
can’t be reduced or destroyed under any environment of chemicals or high
temperature. Thus, Consinee cashmere products keep very good durability which adds
more value on the luxurious cashmere sweaters.

2.3 Safe and natural, without allergenic ingredients
According to the test, Consinee antibacterial cashmere yarn not only gives the textile
new functions, but also friendly to the sensitive skin. Moreover, antibacterial
cashmere can be dyed by conventional methods without any influence on the handfeel
of the fabric, so it can be widely used in all kinds of luxurious cashmere sweaters.
3.The application of Consinee antibacterial cashmere
Consinee antibacterial cashmere is widely used in various kinds of cashmere
sweaters made of cashmere and cashmere blended yarns, such as cotton / cashmere
antibacterial yarns, wool / cashmere antibacterial yarns, etc. The antibacterial
cashmere sweaters can reduce the adhesion of bacteria, thereby help people stay away
from infection of germs. It protects our health and improves consumers' quality of