the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The functionality of Consinee cashmere antibacterial yarn


Until now the only way to add anti-bacterial properties to cashmere and natural fibres was by using a wash-in additive at the fibre, yarn or garment stage. Though this offers an element of protection, ultimately over time these benefits weaken and wash away.

With this in mind we wanted to create a more permanent anti-bacterial solution for cashmere that remains active wash after wash. Our research and development team have taken the antibacterial functionality of natural plants and applied microcapsule herb nano composite technology to our luxury natural fibres such as cashmere, wool and cotton. The result is a range of beautiful fashion yarns that have the added benefit of antibacterial functionality whilst remaining, pure, natural and chemical free.


The natural antibacterial product is derived from wood and added to our premium fibres, ensuring even dispersal, resulting in the antimicrobial properties remaining unaffected by laundering or wear and tear. Even after extensive testing of dozens of washes , the long lasting anti-bacterial functionality is retained , offering the same protection to the wearer over time and exceeding the standards required to meet sufficient antibacterial protection.

Our antibacterial yarns provide excellent, long term protection against bacteria and mould, they will also significantly reduce unpleasant odours, meaning clothing and fabrics remain fresher for longer.  The technology integrates the antibacterial components with our fibres to create a permanent barrier that starts killing bacteria on contact.


Antibacterial cashmere can quickly reduce the unpleasant smell on the clothes caused by bacterial growth and altered protein. Experiments have shown that antibacterial cashmere can remove 99.9% of the bacteria exposed to the surface within an hour unlike most other antibacterial products which cannot achieve the same effect even after 48 hours of testing.

Consinee antibacterial cashmere not only protects the wearer’s health from bacteria infection, but also blocks the spread of pathogenic bacteria, preventing germs and bacteria from spreading. This keeps the wearer healthy and helps reduce cross-infection rates.


Since the antibacterial additive is derived naturally and added at fibre stage, the product is evenly spread and embedded in the yarn, so unlike other anti-bacterial finishes no pollutants result from wearing or washing, making it safe and harmless next to skin and for the environment around us.

Additionally, due to the self-sanitising effects of the fabrics, they only need to be washed to remove soiling. This can effectively be done less frequently and at low temperatures, reducing the energy and water requirements for garment care which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the garment over its lifetime.


Consinee antibacterial cashmere is shown to remain 99%+ effective after 100 washes. Unlike topical solutions and coated versions, Consinee’s antimicrobial protection comes from within the fibres and yarns themselves which means there are no dye restrictions, allowing the yarn to be dyed according to conventional methods with no detrimental effect to the appearance or hand feel of the garment.

Additionally, because garments can be washed less and at lower temperatures using antibacterial cashmere there is significantly less wear on the yarns extending the life of the garment bringing greater value and enjoyment in owning a Consinee cashmere sweater.