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What is the Camel Hair?

Camel hair is actually a common raw material in textile fiber, so what are the characteristics and advantages of camel hair ?

Camel hair is a typical woolen cloth,with the characteristics of  softness  , elastic  texture, good warmth,etc. What is more,it not only has the advantages of warm keeping,but also has excellent elasticity and extensibility ,which brings people more comfortable feeling  to wear.All in all,it has utmost application in wearability and clothing.

The cross section of camel hair is generally round, and it consists mainly of the scales and the cortex. It is a type of solid fiber , and a little camel hair also has the medulla layer in fiber interior. The scales of camel hair clings to the hair shaft, and its scales is less than wool’s or cashmere’s. Because of its fairly thick  scales , its smooth medulla layer , its low height of the base , its small angle of scale , camel hair has good wear resistance. However,the antistatic effect is poor.

The shape of camel hair scales are usually circular or oblique,with the advantages of smooth surface,excellent softness,small felting property,which makes the dimension stability of the camel fabric reaches the most optimum efficiency. The curls of camel hair are not as regular as those of wool,what’s more,the curvature of the crimp of camel hair is very small.The size of the crimp directly affects the cohesion between the fibers and the pilling performance of the product.

Camel hair fabric is pilling easily,so it isn’t washed by high-temperature hot water . It had better be gently kneaded at 45 ℃ warm water,then add a small amount of white vinegar to warm water and soak for 3 to 5 minutes.After that,please remove and squeeze out the water in the fabric and make dry immediately.In this way,it can keep the suede of the camel hair fabric fluffy and bright.