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Characteristics of Fancy Yarn

Fancy Yarn:Fancy yarn with a special look, feel, structure, and textureis manufactured by various processing methods.

There are three main categories:

Fashion yarn:Color fibers are mixed into the base yarn in a certain proportion,which makes the yarn obvious colored segments in different lengths and sizes.Such as:Nep yarn, Rainbow yarn,Space yarn and so on.Fashion yarn is universally used in women's and men's jackets.

(2)Fancy yarn:Fancy yarn ,with various appearance characteristics,is manufactured by the  principle of overfeeding craft.Such as: Loop yarn, Slub yarn,Knot yarn and so on.Fabric made of it feels fluffy, soft, good warmth,what’s more,exterior style of the fabric is full chic and tree-dimensional.It can be used for summer garment and  winter garment.Moreover ,it not only can be used in garment,but also is used in

decorative material.

(3) Special fancy yarn:Special fancy yarn includes the Lurex yarn ,Sequin yarn,Chenille yarn and so on. Lurex yarn is made of aluminum sheet sandwiched between the polyester film sheets.It can be used as both the fabric and decorative sewing thread.Fabric made of Lurex yarn looks its surface brighter.Chenille yarn is made by holding the fiber to the core of the yarn,whose shape likes bottle.It has a soft hand feeling and is widely used in flocking and fringe fabrics.

The character and function of fancy yarn

Fancy yarn is different from ordinary yarn in structure due to the different processing methods. The basic structure of fancy yarn is composed of three parts: core yarn, decorative yarn and fixed yarn .  

Core yarn :It is located in the center of the fancy yarn,and it is the main component of yarn strength.

Decorative yarn: It forms the fancy effect of fancy yarns and plays a decorative role. Fixed yarn:It is used to fix the decorative yarn ,which takes shape of the fancy yarn.

The spinning steps of the fancy yarn are as follows: the raw material fiber of the core yarn, the decorative yarn and the fixed yarn are respectively processed into roved yarn.


All in all,the fancy yarn is more beautiful than any other ordinary yarn.However,its strength and wear resistance is worse than the ordinary yarn.Fancy yarn is easy to pilling and hook wire.Novel and unique appearance effect can be gotten by making all kinds of patterns and the color collocation.