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What do the cashmere buyers care more about?

Why is the cashmere more and more popular in domestic and overseas in recent years? Because more and more people like cashmere apparel which is a high wear comfort. With the trend driving ,the cashmere economy is reaching a new height.

So what do the cashmere buyers care more about?

The cashmere buyers must attach high importance to the quality of the cashmere . I once saw a toggery which wrote : As the garment which is made of cashmere feels abrasive, people wear it only in winter. Moreover, our skin usually becomes dry in winter, so it is a normal phenomenon that you feel urticant.

As a professional textile engineer, I completely disagree with above points. Season is really one of the non-negligible factors, but you shouldn’t blame all factors on the cashmere .Why I say that?

Hair is also protein fiber, you will feel it itchy if your hair falls to your clothing because the hair is a little thick. The thicker the fiber is, the more obvious itching felling it haswhich is, of course, exactly can be applied to cashmere .

As I early said, the pure cashmere can also be classified into different grades. What details should we care about the high quality cashmere?

Firstly, You'd better choose the premium cashmere according to its length of staple, uniformity, and fiber fineness within 15.5um.Raw materials determine the quality of cashmere, but it is by no means the only determinant.

Secondly, low temperature dying technique is adapted in cashmere yarn production. Please kindly note that the low temperature here is only relative. The low temperature dyeing can reduce the damage to the fiber tissue and improve the yarn properties , which is also the benefit of the garment factory.

Thirdly, excellent environmental factor is important to the production of cashmere yarn. Humid climate in Jiangnan water town and special bamboo floor in Consinee manufacturing shop ensure that our temperature and humidity are the best for the yarn during the spinning process.

Fourthly, Sealed storage is equally important. If the yarn is not stored in the bottom layer, the yarn can be prevented from becoming brittle or mildewy  which result from the environment too wet or too dry.

Consinee yarn is not needed to be re-spooled and can be produced directly, which can greatly reduces the yarn loss. As for garment companies, of course, want to find quality and cheap raw materials.

There are all kinds of different quality cashmere yarn on the market, and the price is wildly different. Hope above tips can help you distinguish what is the high quality cashmere and what is the raw cashmere material you want to buy.