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North latitude of 45 degrees is known as the "Golden Prairie Belt". Many high quality pastures all over the world lie there. The cashmere which is universally acknowledged as best quality is produced in the Inner Mongolian prairie at 105-115 degrees east longitude.

Consinee makes full use of the advantage that China is the world's best cashmere origin. After more than ten years of continuous exploration and research, we choose the cashmere that are all excellent at the number of crimps, crimp rate and crimp recovery rate based on our understanding of cashmere raw materials to produces 26Nm/2 cashmere series yarn relying on the advantages in technology. The knitwear processed from our yarn is comfortable, soft and elastic, which fully demonstrates the outstanding warmth retention of cashmere. Besides, the knitwear has a good ability of restoration after washing, the shrinkage is small, and the shape retention is good.

In this age of mass production and fast fashion, no fabric can reflect the essence of luxury better than cashmere. With the increasing devotion and demand for cashmere, the quality of cashmere, production methods and origin of raw material are received more attention. Consinee has always been at the forefront in developing the craft of cashmere production and quality assurance of cashmere manufacturing, and is trusted by industry professionals. When you use any of our products and when your skin touches with cashmere, you will immediately know the extraordinary ability that Consinee pursue the perfectness of the product.