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alpaca - precious material for knitting design

Alpaca is the cousin of llama, it graze atelevations of 10,000 to 14,000 feet on the harsh high plains of the PeruvianAndes. Their thick, sumptuous coats grow naturally in over 40 shades  from ivory to black and every grey and brown shades between.

Alpaca fibre is warmer and stronger thanwool, and so resistant to saturation that it’s nearly water-repellant. It’salso free of the lanolin that is present in wool, making it hypoallergenic. Lightershades of the fleece also take dyes beautifully, making it invaluable to ourdesigners when they want to bring a vibrant sweater design to life.

There are countless reasons why alpacafibre is so precious and useful. Consinee Group – Top Line promotes a seriesalpaca yarn in 19AW collection. They are in brush or boucle style and can bedesigned into beautiful sweater or coat.

Let’s have a review of the alpaca yarn.

1.      BIBI: Nm 4.5 42% superfinealpaca 42% extrafine merino wool 14%polyamide 2% elastan- brush style 3GG

2.      ASPEN: Nm13 32% superfinealpaca 32%extrafine merino wool 30% polyamide 6% elastan

Brush style- 5/7GG

3.      ALPHA: Nm20 33%superfine alpaca32% superfine merino wool 35% polyamide

Brush style- 12gg

4.      LLAMA SOFT- Nm13 27%babyllama27%wool 46%polyamide