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Beautiful and brilliant fancy yarn combination

Fancy yarn is new and fashionable in appearance which takes on style different from classic yarn. Fancy yarn especially fancy natural fibre yarn is popular in recent years. High end fancy yarn is not only excellent in quality and features but also beautiful in appearance.

Most knitwear is made from one kind of fancy yarn, which already be beautiful and fashionable. In fact different fancy yarn can be knit together to make complete styles.

Here let us review some knitting sample of Top Line fancy yarn combination. Hope it can provide you some inspiration on the knitting design. The production of knitwear of fancy yarn combination requires highly in the knitting craft and design ability.

1.CASHFINE: Nm1/20 63%cashmere 34%polyamide 3% elastan

SABINA:  Nm1/20 44% mercerized wool 19%cashmere 34%polyamide

2      BIBI: Nm4.5 42%superfine alpaca 42%extrafine merino wool 14%polyamide 2%elastan

CASHVELOUR: Nm3.5 85% cashmere 12%polyamide 3%elastan

3 TARA:  Nm2.6 70%Mohair30%Wool yarn

ANTICO: Nm2.6 53%wool 17% alpaca30%Polyamide

4.  MOUSSE: Nm 4 32%Wool,19%Polyamide Fiber 49%Kid Mohair

VENETIA:Nm3.3 12%Superfine Alpaca, 13%Extrafine MerinoWool, 60%Polyester Fiber, 15%Polyamide