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Alpaca and Wool

    With the understanding of natural fibers, we are more and more favored alpaca. However, compared to wool, alpaca hair or use less. Alpaca and wool function almost the same, but also have a warm, warm, easy to clean and dry the function, but compared to the two can be said that alpaca hair is much better. First, the price of alpaca to be cheaper, and it is difficult to buy fakes. Now on the market of fake wool can be said to be very much, and the price of fake wool with real wool prices quite close, but the alpaca hair will not appear this phenomenon.

    In the market, people often can see the wool products are "pure wool" or "100%" wool two kinds of signs, some people think that "pure wool" is equivalent to "100% wool." In fact, literally "pure wool" should be 100% wool. However, in fact, in the production process, in order to improve the textile properties of the fibers, the fabrics are more durable, and some products often need to add some non-wool fibers of polyester or nylon. For the amount of added, there are clear provisions of national standards. Pure wool products are not 100% wool, the pure wool products, it is already within the scope of the provisions of the non-wool fibers, and therefore should be 100% lower than the price of wool products.