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How to Detect Cashmere Quality?

    Many customers said they used the way to prove that the fire is not really cashmere yarn, according to the burning of the ashes, the degree of combustion to determine the method widely circulated in the folk. But the test is pure cashmere and cashmere content requires professional testing organizations to detect, only to determine the fire is not accurate.

    We usually said cashmere refers to the cashmere (sheep is not cashmere), only distributed in Inner Mongolia, northeast, Hebei and other northern goats will produce cashmere, especially in Inner Mongolia, the best cashmere, a goat An annual output of about 100 grams of cashmere, because of its so rare so called soft gold and fiber diamonds.

    In the mall to buy cashmere sweater when the first look at the cashmere sweater tag is complete, certificate on the name, specifications, number, the implementation of standards, safety categories, composition, bar code, price and other basic information and side Mark is consistent.

    Work and color, cashmere sweater as raw materials are expensive, generally fine workmanship, neat lines. Due to the high hygroscopicity, the dye can be fully absorbed by the fiber, so the color is soft and natural, the suede size is moderate, the color is particularly brilliant dazzling yarn is not natural fiber.

    Good quality cashmere sweater feel soft, smooth waxy, flexible, crisp texture. As some manufacturers in the post-processing to add a lot of softener, so bad cashmere or wool can also feel soft, so only the detection of professional testing agency is the most accurate way to identify cashmere sweater.