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What is cupro fiber?

Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton seeds with a chemical structure of just carbon and water; it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The use of cupro fiber and viscose fiber is substantially the same, but cupro fiber is finer than viscose fiber, and it has an excellent performance for clothes, similarly like silk fiber.  

Cupro fiber is a hypoallergenic, antistatic fabric which breathes and regulates body temperature and moisture like cotton and is noted for its smooth and silky hand feel and comfort against the skin. Cupro fiber has good anti-static function with good hand feel, and it can avoid stuffy discomfort so that it's widely used as interfacing fabric.

Currently cupro fiber is also popular for high quality fabric, especially for creative senior set. As fabric it is soft and shiny, and it matches the environmentally friendly clothing trends, so that it's often used for advanced textile raw material that can be pure spun cupro yarn or blended with wool, cashmere, synthetic fibers to make high-grade knitted clothes, such as knitted or woven underwear, socks , ladies' blouses, coats, trousers, jackets and so on.