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Peru Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca wool, which lives in the Andes mountains of South America, is a rare and precious animal in the world, and Peru has 90% of the world's alpacas.Alpaca fiber is known for its unique quality and luster. The costume made from Alpaca fiber is most favored by customers because it is light, soft and comfort able with good drape, no

wrinkle and no deformation. It is the first-class raw material of wool textile industry.

Alpaca Growing Environment

.Living in 4000meters above the sea level in the Andes in South America

.Temperature: -18℃-22℃

.Food: grass

CONSINEE 23AW Alpaca Yarn Series


Consinee strictly choose the 19.5 top royal alpaca,with soft and elastic feeling.

Alpaca Unique Characteristic

.The unique altitude of the Andes mountains, large temperature difference between day and night, hypoxia, strong sunshine and harsh climate.

Alpaca yarn has silk-like gloss,and its air permeability is superior to wool and mohair .Whats more,it also has the effect of resisting solar radiation and moisturizing skin care, and it belongs to hollow fiber, which is very popular with a significant number of customers and designers in fashion world.

Alpaca Nature Colours

Alpaca has more than 22 kinds of natural colors, such as white,brown,yellowish brown , dark,and so on.

Consinee provide you with undyed high quality alpaca wool, to ensure that the raw material is pure, natural and original characteristics.We guarantee that from farm to yarn, there are no chemicals in it, and the alpaca yarn is gentler for the skin and more environmentally friendly.