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The Key Knowledge of the Mohair Yarn

Do you really know the Mohair yarn? How to choose it?

In the textile market, mohair yarn seems to be abundant and cheap.In fact it is mainly low-grade, low-proportion and coarse fiber adult mohair, or even it may be artificial imitation mohair. As far as we know, mohair is a kind of high-end natural fiber, and Topline is a famous manufacturer of high-end mohair in China.Topline mohair yarn is dominated by high and ultra-high proportions of super kid mohair and kid mohair, and the high count mohair yarn is especially popular with the customers. One of its highlights is that Topline mohair yarn is made by the advanced Italian PAFA machines.

Super kid mohair is the highest grade of mohair with thin fiber and bright luster, and the average fineness of it is24.5 microns, which is especially suitable for skin-friendly knitwear.The softness and unique lightness of super kid mohair make the fabric feel comfortable. What’s more,because of the natural lustre of mohair, its color can still keep brilliant although it is dyed.If you want to do high-end mohair ready-to-wear, it is a good idea to choose super kid mohair or kid mohair.

There are some good quality mohair yarn for your good reference,such as:

GIRI  Nm 8000  50%Baby Alpaca 34%Kid Mohair 14%Polyamide Fiber 2%Elastan

DAVON  Nm 13000  30%Royal Alpaca 22%Super Kid Mohair 48%Polyamide Fiber(Recycled)  

KING  Nm 15000   58%Super Kid Mohair 24.5μm 6%Wool 36%Polyamide Fiber  

MIKADO  Nm 10000  65%Kid Mohair 35%Spun Silk

OBLIO  Nm 25000   52%Super Kid Mohair 24.5um 13%Extrafine Merino Wool 35%Polyamide Fiber

SENA  Nm 13000  55%Super Kid Mohair 45%Spun Silk

TARA  Nm 2600  70%Mohair 30%Wool  

ULANI  Nm 10000  70%Kid Mohair 5%Wool 25%Polyamide Fiber

VELOUR  Nm 12500  34%Kid Mohair 34%Wool 27%Polyamide Fiber 5%Elastan

WALTZ  Nm 35000  27%Super Kid Mohair 21%Extrafine Merino Wool 52%Polyamide Fiber