the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Rarely Natural Fiber—SURI ALPACA

The Suri alpaca is a member of the camel family that lives in the Andes Mountains with the Huacaya alpaca, wild llama and native llama.

Susi is quite rare in the world while white Susi is rarer with only more than100,000 heads all over the world, among which there are 2000 heads in America, 500 heads in Australia and less than 30 heads in New Zealand. Susi not only has superior charm, but also is cleverer, easier to breed and stronger in its adaptability to cold and hot weather.

Suri Fiber Character

Susi fiber is lovingly referred to as Silk, attracts attention from the fashion world and is most favored by hand weaving. The following factors might account for this: Cashmere-like softness, Silk-like glossiness, strong function of warmth-preservation, durable wear and suitableness for dyeing of various colors. Susi fiber can be used for high-grade fashion for men and women such as high-grade clothing, jackets, sweatshirt, exhibits and interior fabrics and textiles for professional use.

                                                              Six undyed colors of  Suri fiber

The physical characteristics of Suri fiber:

Natural colors : 22 colors

Thermal insulation property: It is better than cashmere.

Wrinkle resistance:It is better than wool.

Stretchability:It is better than wool.

Pilling : No pilling

Moisture regain: It is similar to  wool .

Elasticity: It is worse than wool .

Shrinkage rate: No shrinking.

Consinee SURI ALPACA yarn key benefits:

1.Inherent softness, Silky luster

2.Tensile strength well, Easy dyeing

3.Light and breathable, Strong warmth preservation

4.Anti- pilling, Wear-resisting




25%Suri Alpaca 19%Extrafine Merino Wool

56%Polyamide Fiber


Flat knitting machines 12/14 gauge 1 ply.