the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Recycled Cashmere

At Consinee Group we believe it is essential that every pound of fibre is precious and therefore used to its maximum capacity to preserve natural resources. The recycling of pre-consumer fibre and material generated in the yarn production process is very much the responsibility of the textile manufacturing industry and one that is often overlooked as an important sustainable practice.

Renewable Luxury

Cashmere is one of the most valuable natural materials in fashion and we are helping to protect the future of this incredible material by making sure nothing ever goes towaste. Our recycled yarn collections are made from re-engineered cashmere, which offers the same soft, insulating qualities as you would expect from virgin cashmere, just blended with other fibres for better performance.

Responsible Innovation and Development

Our range of recycled yarns represent an innovative, refined and pioneering approach to the manufacturing processes that we feel reflect consumers needs today.

We have been working with our carefully trained technicians to find ways to produce the same beautiful quality of cashmere as you would expect from Consinee group but using recycled fibre made from selected pre-consumer offcuts from the spinning process.

We have implemented systems to apply these new techniques and can now offer a range of recycled cashmere blends that maintain the same luxurious quality and can be dyed to any colour to fit your fashion needs whilst reducing the overall impact of production.

Preserving Precious Resources

Since the world resources of raw materials are limited and the damage done to the environment to produce them is a reality, we believe being able to offer a high quality recycled cashmere range of yarns is an essential step in the sustainable direction for Consinee Group.

Due to the nature of the recycling process, 100% cashmere can only be spun for coarser counts, For finer yarns we recommend not using more than 60% recycled cashmere and blend with other fibres.