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The wide application of yak fibre

According to the property of yak fibre, we can use woolen and worsted spinning system as well as carded cotton spinning system (semiworsted). The yak fibre products can be divided into knitted and woven products.

Knitted products

Including sweaters, underwear, hats, socks, shoulder protectors, waist protector, knee protector, scarves, etc. the component can be 100% yak or yak blend with cotton, wool, silk, bluish dogbane, far infrared fibre, etc. This kind of products have the feature of sost handle, good heat preservation, elegant and luxury color style, some products even has health care tips.

Woven products

Woven products can also be divided into wool and cotton types; wool types can be divided into worsted and woolen products. Worsted products including yak and cotton, silk, chemical fibre’s blending, can be made into fabrics of shirt, suit etc. Together with wool, cashmere or wool type chemical fibre, yak fibre can be made into wool-blend or worsted wool fabric. Blended together with wool, yak fibre can be made into woo-blend tweed, herringbone tweed, yak overcoat woolen cloth, flat-coat overcoat woolen cloth, imitation embossing overcoat woolen cloth, short and orderly woolen cloth, safari woolen cloth, yak fibre blanket, yak fibre plush, carpet, etc. Yak fibre has a soft feel, silky handle, its style is wild, its surface plentiful and its color is dim and monotonous, mainly camel, yellow, dark red etc.