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Several tips to distinguish high quality silk

Mulberry silk is very high quality material in spring summer. do you know how to distinguish silk?Different quality silk can be correctly identified by the following five aspects:

① By appearance. High quality silk appears with a pearl color, with a diffuse refraction to light on performance. It is clean with few impurities and the silk is neat and in order; while poor-quality silk looks pale, not shiny and without moist feeling because of bleach of chemicals. It also contains impurities.

② By touch. High quality silk feels soft, moisturized and flexible, non-rigid clumps; While the poor feel rough without flexibility and moist feeling. Content of cocoon stems, cocoon block, raw cocoon, pupae shed is relatively high.

③ By smell. High quality silk has a special favor unique of animal fiber, while silk with oily or musty odor are inferior.

④ By fiber strength. The better of tensile force of silk , the better quality it is. Research shows that premium silk can withstand tensile force stronger than the wire of the same diameter. High quality silk has excellent recovery elasticity; while inferior silk has poor tensile force, recovery elasticity, and fiber length is shorter.

Consinee choose the best silk material to make high quality silk yarn and silk blends. Silk yarn and silk blends are suitable to make spring summer season clothing or scarf. Silk knitwear and clothing is loved by lots of fashion lover for its comfort, classic and luxury. Silk wool yarn, silk cashmere yarn, silk cotton yarn etc. in Consinee are favored in global market.