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What is Mohair?

Colorful mohair fabric is pretty scenery in cold winter. Mohair is the fibre of angora goat, which is similar to sheep wool while quote different. Mohair has silky luster and it name after turkey meaning “the best hair”.

Mohair is flexible and can take pressure and is very good textile material to make long hair fabric. Mohair is light, fluffy and easy to dye with unique luster. It is one of the high grade animal fibre.

Mohair fibre has very history which is recorded in Bible age. It is researched angora goat early origin from The Himalayas Mount and is developed into South Africa in 1838.

Mohair knitwear has silky luster and sprinkle like with a layer of golden powder. Mohair knitwear is very soft, warm and charming. Mohair is very popular in these two years.

Many customers do not know how to wash mohair knitwear because they afraid the long hair would drop off or felted. Mohair can be washed with silk wool shampoo in warm water and flat dry in well-ventilated place.