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The shearing and production of mohair

The trade prefers mohair hair not to be too short nor too long. By shearing every six months the desired length is obtained. In some areas where the vegetation is too dense or in the Noorsveld of Jansenville, goats may be shorn at 4 months, if the hair tends to comb out. It is, however, not a practice that is recommended, unless circumstances justifies it. If at all possible, even in these areas longer hair should be grown, as a glut of short hair can have a negative effect on sale prices.

Feeding is the only factor having the greatest influence on the fineness of the mohair fibre.

Under very good grazing conditions, the hair is inclined to grow stronger, whereas during periods of drought, the hair is of a finer quality and more dusty. After general rains, the clip will contain more seed and stain.

To enhance the attractive appearance of the clip, it is recommended that mohair from different farms or even different camps, eg mountain veld and plains, which give the hair a different colour, be packed separately.

To shear an attractive clip of hair, the goats must be free of any internal or external parasites. Dose the goats to a program and dip before lice are noticed. Neglecting to do this can result in great financial loss.