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The Processing of mohair

The mohair fibresis closely and carefully selected at the time of shearing; it is then washed,brushed, and spun. In its original state, before any processing, it isconsidered dirty, that is, still full of impurities and fats.

Once washed, thefibres acquire softness and brilliance. After the combing operation thematerial is wound onto bobbins ready to be spun.

During thespinning operation the greatest care must be taken to effect special controls, developedonly after long experience. In fact after years of dedication to the processingof mohair, we have created special spinning methods, abandoning traditionalsystems, and now use sophisticated apparatus that maintain the characteristicsof the natural fibre, we have learned that it is extremely important to let thefibres “ rest “ after each process, so that they resume their naturalelasticity. The longer the processing, the better will be the final result.