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Alpaca- the new favor of knitting

Alpaca fibre is a lustrous and silkynatural fiber. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, andbears no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Without lanolin, it does notrepel water. It is also soft and luxurious. In physical structure, alpaca fiberis somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy. The preparing, carding, spinning,weaving and finishing process of alpaca is very similar to the process used forwool. Alpaca fiber is also flame-resistant, and meets the US Consumer ProductSafety Commission's standards.

Alpacas are typically sheared once per yearin the spring. Each shearing produces approximately five to ten pounds (2.2-4.5kilograms) of fiber per alpaca. An adult alpaca might produce 50 to 90 ounces(1420–2550 grams) of first-quality fiber as well as 50 to 100 ounces (1420–2840grams) of second- and third-quality fiber.

Alpaca fibre becomes popular in recentyears and it is used in fashion knitting. Here let us understand its glamour byTop Line alpaca yarn:

1.      ALPHA: Nm20 33%superfine alpaca32% extrafine merino wool 35%polyamide- super light brush style, suitable forlight sweater.

2.      ANTICO: Nm2.6 53%wool 17%alpca30%polyamide- air style, supersoft and casual

3.      BIBI: Nm4.5 42%superfine alpaca42% extrafine merino wool 14%polyamide 2%elastan- thick count brush style