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Sorts of Cotton

1, According to the length of the fiber, fineness classification

    (1) Fine velvet cotton belongs to the land cotton. Fiber fineness and length are medium, and coloris white.


    The number of the world's total cotton output is more than 85%, but also China's South American cotton area of the main cultivation quality. Fine velvet cotton good quality, fiber length of 23-33 mm.

    (2) Long-staple cotton for the island cotton, native to the Atlantic coast of South America and the islands, long-staple cotton quality, fiber fine and long (length of 33-45mm), is the raw materials of high-grade cotton products.

    It is suitable forgrowing longer, less rain, daylight foot cotton cultivation. Now the productionof long-staple cotton country mainly Egypt, the United States, Morocco, etc.

    (3) Coarse cotton in our country using the earlier natural textile fiber, is the ancient cultivation quality, originating in India, has been planted in China for more than 2,000 years, it is also known as cotton.


    Coarse cotton quality is poor, thick andshort fiber, has now become out.

2, According tothe color of cotton fiber classification

    (1) White cotton mature cotton, color was white, white or pale yellow, known as white cotton.Most of the raw cotton used in the cotton mill is white cotton.

    (2) Yellow cottonin the late growth of cotton, bolls by frost or for other reasons and withered, the bell on the pigment stained on the fiber, the cotton fiber was yellow,known as the yellow cotton.


    Yellow cotton is generally low-grade cotton, cottonmill only a small amount of use.

    (3) Gray cotton fiber in the process of growth and development or after baking, due to morerainy days, less sunshine, low temperature, cotton fiber mature to receive the impact of cotton fiber color gray or gray.


    This cotton called Gray cotton. Gray cotton has the characters of low strength, poor quality, and cotton spinning plant rarely used.