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The difference of different natural animal fibers in Consinee

Most animal fibers are protein fibers which are very fine and scarcely show in the form of raw material for most customers. There are some similar animal fibers which is easily be confused by customers. Let’s learn about their structure difference.

Firstly, cashmere is very soft, fine and warm the scale of which is smooth in ring shape, and attach closely with cortex, with small angle of inclination from hair shaft.

Supersoft wool refers to the wool below 16.0microns which is mostly produced in Australia or  China. It is in ring shape and regular, ratio of scale height with diameter around 0.6-0.8, while that of cashmere is 0.8-1.2.

Stretch wool is long and thin in scale; The height and thickness is not even.

Yak fiber is not even in side and size.

Camel fiber is thicker with less scale. The scales are in ring shape with smooth side; The friction factor is small and not easy to felt.

Angora fiber is in ring shape or slanted strip shape with higher destiny.

Different fiber structure decides their different features. So they are not replaceable. These fibers are the normal fibers in Consinee, we stick to produce high quality natural fiber yarn.

Below are some typical animal fiber yarns, welcome to consult:

1. 2/26 100% cashmere yarn

2. 3/68 100% mercerized wool (100's)

3. 2/26 100% baby camel yarn

3. 2/32 100% yak yarn

4. 2/16 80% angora 20%nylon