the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI | Chinese Cashmere Yarn: The Variety of Life Tension, Art, and Style

Florence, Italy

In the artistically rich PITTI castle

The 94th edition


The International Yarn Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion

PITTI FILATI, the world's most cutting-edge, innovative, professional, and luxurious Italian luxury yarn club, has selected over a thousand top international textile enterprises from around the world to participate in the exhibition. Consinee Group has been invited to represent Chinese cashmere for 11 consecutive times, continuously bringing the lightness and vitality of Chinese cashmere yarn to internationalization.


Since its launch, the Consinee Exhibition Area located in the center of PITTI Castle has been bustling with visitors, and new friends from all over the world have come to witness the wonderful "ballad" of Consinee yarn interweaving. The enthusiastic and wonderful explanations from the global sales elites of Consinee Group, the Chinese cashmere story shot by international top photographer Patrick Bienert, and the special promotional video of Consinee have made friends feel the fashion, green, quality, life, and essence of Chinese yarn. At the same time, this exhibition is also a comprehensive new discussion with old friends that deeply penetrates people's hearts.


Air Cashmere

Luxury cashmere, superfine Merino wool mixed with PVA

Glisten Cashmere

Tencel Cel, luxury cashmere, filigrees, beads mixed and woven sustainable collection

It's almost like a soft touch
The main hazy light colors of spring and summer
Give yarn vitality and tension

Consinee Group is a young Chinese enterprise that competes alongside many internationally renowned brands such as Cariaggi and Loro Piana, and is highly favored by the global market. It is a representative of China's textile industry's internationalization and globalization. Global renowned media and magazines have included Consinee in top international fashion magazines, singing and dancing together with world-renowned luxury brands.


Choosing one thing, throughout one's life, Consinee will continue to forge ahead on the path of becoming a global Chinese luxury brand, never forgetting its original heart. The Spininexo Paris B2B yarn exhibition will be opened from January 30th to 31st French time. Welcome friends to the Romantic City and enjoy the beauty and diversity of Chinese yarn!