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PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI | Consinee Group warmly participated in an international top-level yarn event

January 24-26, Italy time

Inside the Pitti Castle in Florence


International yarn show

Full of life, as promised

Consinee Group enthusiastically participated in the exhibition


The PITTI UOMO International Men's Wear Exhibition has just come to an end, and the Consinee Group has once again invited to participate in the 94th PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI International Yarn Exhibition in Florence, Italy as scheduled. On the first day of the exhibition, the exhibition center of the group was full of guests, welcoming people from all walks of life in the fashion industry and the media.

Consinee's three star brands have showcased their latest color schemes and newly developed yarns for spring and summer. The spring and summer designer clothing, with a light color scheme as the main tone, perfectly matches the main tone of the PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI exhibition. The yarn fabrics and clothing that are within reach from zero distance allow guests to experience the softness, quality, and style of Consinee yarn weaving.

Yarn determines the country, and raw materials determine the world. Raw materials are the soul of the textile industry. As an advantageous supplier of high-end yarn in the world, Consinee Group carries the mission and confidence of the Chinese textile industry, and inherits the spirit of Chinese craftsmanship. The group continues to promote the "Fire Phoenix" plan. At the just concluded PITTI UOMO International Men's Wear Exhibition, the Consinee Group collaborated with designers from the VITELLI brand, which received numerous well-known media reports from PITTI official, Milan Finance, WWD, Italian QN newspapers, Fashion magazines, and others. In the future, Consinee Group hopes to cooperate with more and more young designers, open the window of fashion, take the door of internation , and shine the light of the industry.


In the future, Consinee Group will take every step to adhere to the principles of "green, intelligent, sustainable, harmonious development, and harmony between man and nature", and steadily move towards the top tier of fashion circle, gradually realizing the beautiful vision of Chinese luxury brands around the world. On January 25th and 26th, Italian time, the group will provide more information on emerging fashion yarns, waiting for global friends to explore and visit!