the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
PITTI UOMO | Xue Jingli, Chairman and President of Consinee Group, was warmly received by Italian government officials

On January 9th, Italian time, the 105th PITTI UOMO International Men's Wear Exhibition opened grandly.

Xue Jingli, Chairman and President of Consinee Group, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and fashion forum of the exhibition. He was warmly received by Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprise and Manufacturing of Italy, Matteo Zoppas, Chairman of the Italian State Administration for Foreign Trade, General Gabriele Vitagliano, Commander in Chief of the Florence Provincial Military Police Corps, as well as special interviews with major media.

The Consinee Group Exhibition Center was designed and set by the VITELLI brand. The designer style clothing, from low to high, was a rebirth of high-end fabrics that the VITELLI brand has endowed Consinee with "recycled" yarn, vividly interpreting Consinee's only sustainable green development concept.

The story of cashmere yarn from beginning to end was a heartwarming and sustainable visual feast presented to guests by world-renowned photographer Patrick Bienert, who personally records videos and photographs through the lens.

Consinee yarn showcased its exquisite and infinite possibilities at the PITTI UOMO International Festival, attracting numerous influential mainstream media to report on it. It is an honor to publish in Italy's top fashion magazine "Fashion" and Italian QN newspapers, and has received official special coverage from PITTI UOMO.

Guests from all over the world gathered at the PITTI UOMO International Ceremony. Mr. Xue's long-standing friendship with his collaborators, good brothers, and good partner, Mr. Brunello CUCINELLI, goes without saying. "Material" and "Production" depend on each other, like riding a cloud crane, one cannot be happy.

Consinee Group is waiting for you to explore in the ancient fortress of PITTI, Italy. Let's enjoy the graceful yarn together, and appreciate the visual diversity brought by Chinese cashmere!