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PITTI UOMO Exhibition Highlights | The “Heat” within the reach of Consinee people

On January 9th local time in Italy, Florence will welcome the 105th PITTI UOMO International Men's Wear Exhibition. Consinee X VITELLI, a joint venture of Consinee Group, will make a brilliant debut with Consinee, TOPLINE, and ICCI.

This grand exhibition cannot be separated from the joint efforts and contributions of the people of Consinee and VITELLI behind the scenes. Go straight to the exhibition site and see the "hot" story behind this dreamy collaboration.

Consinee Group is adjacent to a 150 year old enterprise, and the unique tailoring of posters according to local conditions endows them with unique artistic value. The winter in Florence is piercing, and the scorching heat of the people of Consinee is within reach. 25 years of perseverance have led to Consinee's current achievements

Xue Jingli, Chairman and President of Consinee Group, said, "It is a great honor and pride to participate in the 105th PITTI UOMO International Men's Wear Exhibition in Florence again. Consinee has been steadfast for decades, moving towards a higher platform and showcasing the infinite possibilities of Chinese yarn. Consinee people have always maintained a 'hot' heart, striving for the rise of Chinese luxury brands around the world."

Consinee Group's "Hot" exhibition, looking forward to your exploration!