the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Brilliant and Colorful , Born to Shine

On winter nights, the stars and the city shine brightly

When Christmas carols ring, the street corners ripple with joy

Spring/Summer 2025

Conseinee embarks on a brand new journey

Continuing the consistent luxury, high-end, and elegant tone

Injecting fashionable vitality, creating a brand new sparkling cashmere series


Wherever you are, the stage is right there

"Shining Star" appears, instantly locking in the entire venue

Skye Star combines Consinee's classic worsted cashmere yarn with delicate and soft gold and silver threads

Adding a subtle luster to luxurious cashmere

The atmosphere of Christmas is expressed in the form of gold and silver threads

Perfectly combining knitting with festive romance

Fabric fluidity is enhanced by fascinating, ever-changing reflections

Create a gorgeous visual appearance and create a shiny modern look

Java Star uses Lyocell fiber

Consinee luxury cashmere fiber and fine shimmering filigree

Creating a beautiful soft sustainable yarn

The cloth was sparkling like water

Java Star stands out for its striking metallic gloss yarn

Fabric soft and smooth texture

And bright luster complement each other

Add elegant and luxurious charm to the simple style

Seri Galaxy with its unique luster

Exquisite fiber structure stands out

Project a magnificent luster on the fabric and ready to wear clothing

Make the design exude luxury and radiance

It seems like an exquisite gem

Its unique appearance and touch make it a

Representative of Modern Romantic Items

Create Christmas party items that are suitable day and night

High proportion of Tencel fibers combined with cashmere

Endowing yarn with a sustainable concept

Under the premise of satisfying consumer appearance and comfort

Comply with the current low-carbon environmental protection design direction

Brighton Marl Galaxy is a yarn with strong texture and artistic color

Using colorful cotton cashmere fibers paired with sparkling beads

Bringing a rough tweed appearance

Bringing unexpected sparkling luster to leisure luxury yarn

Brighton Marl Galaxy

Through the re-interpretation of traditional elements,

The classic is combined with the modern.

Make yarn and cloth both traditional charm and fashion sense

It creates a completely different style from the woven fabric

By cleverly adding modern elements to the bead

In the long year

Christmas season is a wonderful and relaxing time

Endless expectations for the future surged in our heart

Let the shining magic fill our heart and open up endless possibilities for the new year