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Natural Ecology|The Consinee Group came to the organic cashmere production site to find a sustainable way

Natural Ecology

On December 13, 2023, the volunteer team of the organic cashmere production base of Consinee Group visited the organic cashmere production base and upstream washing and carding factory of the Group in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, to control the raw material quality of the Group's cashmere from the source and explore the way of sustainable development.

The Organic Cashmere Production Base

Follow the gift of nature, return to the original perception. Among the many cashmere producing areas, Inner Mongolia cashmere has become the preferred fiber for top cashmere products with its fine texture, soft touch, excellent warmth retention and excellent elasticity.

The organic cashmere production base of the Consinee Group carries out livestock production with the concept of natural green. The goats are raised in the pure ecological and natural conservation of the pasture, and the goats enjoy high-quality living and activity space. Then, through the factory washing, sorting and other processes, the wool plucked from the goats is removed from the coarse hair, dead hair and dander, resulting in cashmere that meets organic standards.

This inspection lays a good foundation and guarantees for the group's collection in the coming year. Raw material quality set the world, raw material science and technology set the world, raw material advancement set the world. We recognize the key role of raw materials in the luxury industry and are committed to "high positioning, high standards and high quality" products. From Inner Mongolia to Ningbo, from the grasslands to the factory, we use yarn to tell the story of high-quality cashmere, showing the pursuit of excellence on the road to sustainable development and unremitting research in raw material development.

"Green, intelligent, sustainable, harmonious development, harmony between nature and man", the group from raw materials, equipment, technology, process, products and other whole chain, all fields, to lay the foundation for sustainable development, to achieve product production process reengineering and whole life cycle management, make beauty more environmentally friendly, establish a new model of harmonious development between man and nature.