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BIG EVENTS|Consinee Group will be invited to attend PITTI UOMO in Italy

Consinee Group will be invited to participate in the 104th Florence International Men's fashion Exhibition - PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO on June 13 to 16, 2023. In the Octagon Hall of the Fortezza da Basso exhibition Centre in Florence, we will showcase luxury men's wear made of Consinee yarn with famous domestic and international designers.


The coolest men in the world will gather here

PITTI UOMO has been held for half a century since 1972, and is held in January and June each year, and is the world's most authoritative platform for men's wear and accessories. PITTI UOMO has been committed to the development of the international menswear industry and the dissemination of high-quality modern lifestyles. Whats more,PITTI UOMO also explores and predicts the aesthetic trend and consumption trend of the men's wear market, which is the vane of the high-end brand raw material market.

PITTI UOMO officially held a press conference for Consinee in Milan, Italy, Paris, France and other cities. This is another big step towards the international luxury stage after the Consinee Group was invited to participate in the PITTI FILATI International yarn exhibition in Italy for five consecutive years.

On the afternoon of June 2, 2023, the press conference of "Consinee Group will be invited to participate in Italy PITTI UOMO" was held at Consinee Shanghai Center. Mr. Kim, Quality Director of Consinee Group, delivered a speech and many industry experts, well-known designers and news media attended the event.

Boris.Xue, Chairman and President of the Group, said that the Group has always adhered to four main efforts, namely: From the research of raw materials to the design link, constantly improve product quality and technological innovation; Promote the intelligentization and digitization of production processes and supply chain management to improve efficiency and flexibility; Continuous commitment to environmental protection and sustainable green development; Expand international visibility and high luxury circle of friends, and have a say in the raw material supply of international luxury brands.By participating in PITTI UOMO, Consinee strengthened its position in the international market and became the focus of attention of buyers, retailers and brands, promoting further cooperation between the Group and brands in many industries. Consinee is gradually realizing the leap to become the world's Chinese luxury brand.

There will be some exhibitions.

Welcome to visit and thank you for your high attention.

June 13-16, Florence, Italy, PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO

June 28-30, Florence, Italy, PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI

July 4-6, Paris, France, Premiere Vision Paris fashion show