the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
SPINEXPO Hong Kong| CONSINEE 23/24AW New Arrival



On July 20 to 21, CONSINEE Group with its three brands:CONSINEE, TOPLINE and ICCI present the latest season of 24AW yarns at SPINEXPO Hong Kong.



At SPINEXPO Hong Kong, CONSINEE focused on launching two new products, Botanica Cashmere yarn,NATURA; Recycled Cashmere yarn,INTEGRO and RENOVO. NATURA's colors are a blend of nine major plants, and no chemicals are used at any stage of the production process to better protect your skin and the environment.

Our recycled yarn represents an innovative, refined and pioneering manufacturing process to provide more options and reduce our carbon emissions.


For the fall/winter 2023/24 season, TOPLINE focuses on the theme of "fusion", determining the direction of yarn from the aspects of surface, texture, color and comfort in life, thus providing a different lifestyle for each group of our fibers.


For the fall/Winter 2023/24 collection, ICCI constructs five yarn direction and trend concepts for us in a smooth and concise design language,PREPPY REMIX, FUTURE GROWTH, VIRTUAL EXPRESSION, GENTLE LIVING and ULTIMATE SELF. These trends have created a range of fashionable yarns, including cool, clean yarns, comfortable, fluffy yarns, and yarns with dreamy colors and sheen.


During the two-day exhibition, the CONSINEE Autumn/Winter 2024 new product attracted the attention and favor of industry insiders, brands and independent designers.
CONSINEE Group is the national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise, the national green factory, the future factory of Zhejiang Province. CONSINEE take sustainable development and environmental protection as the core values and purposes, and actively practice the national specialty special new strategy!