the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The Core of Cashmere Excellence

For 20 years, high-grade cashmere is the core focus of The Consinee Group – and its core U.S. market.

The Consinee Group is the first of its kind a Chinese yarn spinning factoring that is guided by Italian techniques and design talent as it applies to yarn and color development. Garnering the attention of a global high-end clientele, cashmere is at the core of Consinee Group.

In its factory and subsidiaries, of which Consinee Group counts over 40 brand new production lines, the company etches 20 years of cashmere excellence “into the lines” of the leading fashion brands.

Over 5,000 tons of highquality cashmere are processed annually in its cashmere spinning factory for a range of the leading stakeholders worldwide, making Consinee Group the largest spinner and exporter of cashmere yarns. Its clients trace the alphabet of luxury cashmere purveyors from Balenciaga, Chanel, Coach, Escada, Giorgio Armani, Hermès, Hugo Boss, J.Crew, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Prada and others. Always in its product iterations, Consinee Group aims to develop yarns

alongside the relevant fashion trends.

spinning a Global Narrative

And rightly so, “Into the Lines” was a gala and runway show which made its debut last summer in New York City. Last year, more than 400 U.S. customers were in attendance, and this year many customers anticipate seeing the latest innovations at Consinee Group’s fashion show for its second iteration. The runway event returns this July 17 on Wall Street in order to better showcase the creativity of Consinee Group to the U.S. market.

“The U.S. market is our chief market, and a lot of American brands have been working with us for many years, as they are very satisfied with our quality standards. Our strategy is to hold the fashion show in New York City for at least 5 years continuously, to further our client base,” said a

representative from Consinee Group.

But before cashmere fashions grace the runway Stateside, a larger narrative is being woven across Consinee Group’s factories, whereby yarn product innovation, internal creative leadership and technology is harnessed to deliver the technical and aesthetic quality standards desired by modern luxury brands – not to forget the ever-growing need for sustainable yarn solutions.

Decades of Expertise

What goes into spinning the most luxurious cashmere yarn?

Consinee Group leads with the most advanced machinery available today, supported by globally-authorized expertise.

From an internal human resource perspective, the innovation doesn’t cease. Consinee Group maintains a powerful yet international viewpoint in its innovation and creative teams, churning out over 1,000 different yarn types annually. The company specializes in high-grade natural fiber woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns. Consinee Group selects the best material from Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and keeps strict standard on the fineness, fiber length and aesthetics to ensure top product quality.

Gaining a preeminent reputation, Consinee Group is backed by a handful of quality certifications, so trust is extended across its brand partnerships. As it pertains to luxury fashion houses, the thoughtfulness and exclusivity desired in each product extends all the way into the yarns used. As Consinee Group has, for years, worked on and off exclusively with some fashion brands to engineer specific yarns, according to their individual needs.

Forefront of Market Trends

As the biggest cashmere yarn exporting company in China, Consinee Group has accumulated many years of experience and the resources to match, always leaning into the company’s own strengths. Celebrated as the only Chinese spinner invited to Pitti Filati in Florence, Italy; which defines world-scale excellence in yarn exhibiting, Consinee Group is at the forefront of the latest market trends, revealing its cutting- edge yarn developments to a host of international buyers and designers.

And as yarn, fiber and knitwear trade shows, confirm year after year – sustainability is often a focal point of new market trends. Whether prompted by the demands of the maturing consumer generations, international buyers, creative designers and product developers are always seeking ways to embed sustainability into their core design principles. This year, green practices are of top-of-mind conversation when attracting international buyers, with a “Cashmere Boutique.”

“We are developing and producing sustainably,” reiterated a Consinee Group spokesperson, following along with the demands of the market.

Sustainable Yarn Innovation

Technology bolsters an industry demanded sustainable agenda through intelligent dyeing equipment, intelligent production lines and a green, digital unmanned factorythe advocacy extends beyond the production line. Consinee Group maintains socially and environmentally responsible perspectives, and ingrains these principles as an overarching “lifestyle.” Stressing the concept of traceability, Consinee Group ensures animals welfare (cashmere goats graze freely most of the year) and full transparency in its entire supply and production chain. By deploying data systems and consistently checking specifications, Consinee Group offers its luxury clients lasting peace of mind, and lasting product quality. Tracing the origins of cashmere excellency, staying ahead of the herd is backed by the right technology, resources yarn and leadership.

“Our strategy is to hold the fashion show in New York City for at least 5 years continuously.”

Boris Xue, CEO, Consinee Group