the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
2016 China Processing Trade Products Expo

Recently, the 2016 China Processing Trade Products Expo is held in Houjie(Guangdong Province). Many famous woolen sweater manufacturers have participated in the exhibition where tremendous citizens witness the process of yarn designed, knitted and eventually finished.

The exhibition hall is divided into five parts: textile yarn area, technological research area, woolen garment area, textile machine area as well as e-business area, whose productions include raw material, designing , production, finished articles and sale.
During this exhibition, some customers from Shenzhen remark that they are in lack of yarn designing so that they are fishing out adequate groups for cooperation. After this expo, they think the optimal one has been met.

Nowadays, there are over 5600 factories who are trying to run E-business market, among which there are 250 managing to run business in Alibaba on line and their customers have been more than ten thousand with over one hundred million total sales.